Shaping spaces of the future

for over 60 years

Aswathanarayana & Eswara LLP, consulting engineers and architects, was formed in the year of 1961. Starting with a modest volume of work of less than rupees 2 million, the firm achieved a record turnover of rupees 500 million in 1995. In the past forty years the firm has produced several industrial and allied structures worth more than Rs. 3 billion.

Dedicated Team of Architects0%
Comprehensive Project Management0%
Technical & Managerial Expertise0%

Our roots are built around embracing global standards, local knowledge, innovation, sustainable initiatives and giving birth to exemplary finished products.

H A Eswara

Registered Architect & Chartered Engineer



Our Strengths

Architectural Design
Structural Design
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Sanitary & Public Health Engineering
Voice & Data Services
Tele Technical System
Project & Construction Management



Our Ecological Design Approach

As intermediaries between buildings and people, architects have a unique opportunity to use creative and innovative solutions that combine design excellence with environmental responsibility.


that inspire innovation

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Engineering Industries

Food & Beverage

Residential & Commercial

Warehousing & Logistics

Sustainable Design

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